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Daily Life English

Prenatal Storytime

Bedtime Stories

Book Club






2. Book Club

Age of students: TBC
Length of Class: 10-20 minutes
Number of students in class: 2
Cost: TBC

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  • Our team has selected a series of English books written by famous writers like David Williams, Eric Carle and Julia Donaldson.
  • For students who join the reading club, they will get to choose an English book of their choice and read the book with the teachers.
  • Meanwhile, the teachers will explain the vocabulary and language skills used by the writer. This allows young kids to learn English through reading.

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“A book holds a house of gold”. Reading not only brings one knowledge, it also improves one’s imagination and concentration. That’s why it is so important to instil a good habit of reading in your children.
With that being said, it is understood that many of you are busy working as parents, and thus have no time to read with your young kids. We are fully aware of these time constraints and that is why we set up our Reading club service.

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Complete the online form and let us know

  1. which book/author you would like to read
  2. when you would like to do the online session
  3. we will match you to another student






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Daily Life

5. Daily Life English

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  • This course covers a variety of daily life scenarios such as how to order from the menu of a western restaurant
  • Our Daily Life English talks about some complicated yet common words you’ll see in daily life, for instance the dishes fettucine, bouillabaisse; the cocktail caipirinha, the vegetable zucchini, famous high-end brands like Givenchy, Hermes… and more!
  • If you want to avoid awkward situations like mispronouncing words, stay tuned and learn some new useful words!
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6. Prenatal Storytime

Length of Class: 10-20 minutes
Number of students in class: 1
Cost: TBC

What is Prenatal Storytime?

  • The idea of prenatal education may be familiar to most of you.
  • When the foetus is four months old, it starts developing its five senses; when the foetus is 7 months old, it starts receiving signal and developing its memory.
  • Many women therefore start educating their baby when they are pregnant.

How does it work?

  • Our team provides a fantastic service related to Prenatal education.
  • We choose a wide range of books suitable for pregnant women and their babies, and teachers will read with the mother-to-be.
  • While the mother-to-be can appreciate the art of language, the baby can begin immersing themselves in an English environment at an early age.

How do I join?

  • Click the button join the class
  • Complete the online form


7. Bedtime stories
Age of students: TBC
Length of Class: 25 minutes
Number of students in class: 1
Cost: TBC

What is the bedtime stories programme?

  • Upon subscription to our bedtime story channel, you will have access to a regular programme of native teachers reading interesting stories at a specific time with the aid of props, costumes, and other elements that make the stories more fascinating and entertaining.
  • Our teacher can read a story book with your child and you together
  • The sessions last 10-20 minutes and take place Monday to Friday at 9.00pm Hong Kong time
  • We cover 5 books a week

Why subscribe to our bedroom stories?

  • Most children won’t go to bed unless their parents read them an interesting bedtime story.
  • However, parents are often caught up with other important responsibilities and duties. That is why parents love our programme.
  • The chosen stories have a variety of vocabulary for children to learn and teachers will use vivid ways of teaching which can significantly increase the impression of the new knowledge, enhancing your child’s ability to memorise the new language and concepts.
  • With such an intriguing programme, your children will be able to learn efficiently, have fun, and go to bed all while freeing up your time!


若您有計劃在外國升學、工作和生活,就可能需要應考IELTS, TOEFL等國際英語能力檢定考試。
為了助您在考試中獲取好成績,我們提供考試課程。老師會讓您了解考試模式及要求,掌握考試重點, 這樣應試時便更得心應手。